new gate installation



Installing gates in your home could well be the best decision you’ve made! 


If there is one simple thing you can choose that will enhance the exterior of your property, offer convenient access and extra safety - it is an iron gate. Whether your home requires a single or double gate; large or small gate; detailed and classic or rathe clean and modern gate - you will absolutely love what Zodiac Doors & Gates has to offer! 


• A wide variety plus options for customization. Whatever it is that you heart desire, we can provide - just contact us call 888-401-0762  and tell us more. 

• Excellent craftsmanship. The iron gate is the first thing people will notice about your property and we will make sure it is stunning. 

• Top class services! From the first point of contact to the complete installation, you will absolutely love working with us!  (insert link to contacts). 



You, I and everyone need a high quality, functional garage door - Reseda is a city where no one walks! And while they are many companies offering garage doors out there, Zodiac Gates is  always the right choice, because we offer: 


• Sleek design. It is extremely important for a garage door to not just fit, but enhance the exterior of your house and completest your style. For most of our clients these aren’t just “wants” - they are “musts” - and so we always deliver. 

• Great convenience features. Smooth opening and closing, extra safety characteristics, the latest trends technology that fits with your life style - that’s all guaranteed with a garage door from Reseda company Zodiac Gates.  

• Excellent customer service. We know you are busy and want things done quickly and professionally - so that’s how we do them. 


With over 95% customer satisfaction rate and years of experience doing what we do, Zodiac Gates is one of Los Angeles’ favorite companies. We offer a variety of services and products for enhancing the curb appeal and the safety of your home, and we love what we do. Your search for the perfect garage door is over - click here to contact us today.