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Zodiac doors & gates was founded to help people like you! Zodiac doors & gates offers high quality garage doors, wood,iron and vinyl automatic and non-automatic gates, phone system, intercom,security cameras, fences and more. We also provide installation,maintenance and repair services for all those products. 

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  • All the benefits that come from using one company for all your exterior safety needs. This includes consistently great prices, the special attention that repeat customers deserve and access to great deals. 

  • High quality products and services. We work with experienced professionals with high standards who not only know what they aredoing, but are ready to offer advice on what’s best for your specific needs and budget. 

  • Excellent customer service throughout. We are proud with the level of customer service we offer. We realize how important customer service is, because when you are paying someone to do something for you, you need a problem solved, not more problems created. 

Working with Zodiac Doors & Gates  means taking advantage of: 


Ordering Is Simple And Easy

Contact Us Now And Enjoy Our User-Friendly Purchase Process 

Whether you need a whole new garage door, gate, fence or full-on security system; or you need repair and maintenance services for the ones you already own - Zodiac got you covered! 


Our process is simple and quick - you contact us, receive a quote and schedule convenient time. Easy, right? 


So why waste time? Enjoy beautiful exterior, complete and safety and excellent customer service !

Practice Makes Perfect

Zodiac Doors & Gates has been on the market for over 15 years!

Perfectionists are our favorite clients. At Zodiac Doors & Gates, we realize that your gates and fences serve multiple purposes and you want all your requirements satisfied perfectly. Here’s what we can guarantee when it comes to our products: 


  • They keep your home safe. Because we offer a huge variety, you can choose the level of safety you need. You can install automatic doors and gates, stable high fences, a net of security cameras and an intercom system; or you can choose simpler options. 

  • They make your property look better and increase its value. An enhanced curb appeal is always a great long-term investment! 

  • They are high quality and durable. Fences and gates are not something you install ever day. We’ve heard so many of of our clients complain from poor quality before - the installations they bought looked good for a while and then completely deteriorated. This won’t happen with Zodiac Doors & Gates products!